Botox1 Areas£140
Botox2 Areas£200
Botox3 Areas£260
Jawline Botox1 Area£250
Jawline Botox2 Areas£450
LipsSites Of The Lips£290
Anti-Sweating Botox£380

Botox in London From the Experts at Luxury Beauty

A much talked-about and reliable rejuvenation treatment, the Botox we do for you in our London clinic is both safe and effective. If you're looking to correct facial wrinkles, to stop your teeth grinding in your sleep or reduce sweaty palms, our Botox treatment could well be the answer.


How does Botox work?

Botox, also known as Disport treatment, consists of injections placed mainly into facial areas. These are used to reduce wrinkles and signs of ageing. Areas that can be targeted by this treatment include:

  • Around the eyes, including "crow's feet" around the outer corners of the eyes
  • The forehead
  • Between the eyebrows
  • The nose

It's also highly effecitve at treating:

  • Excessive activity of the masticatory muscles, better know as"teeth grinding" in sleep
  • Hyperhidrosis - which is excessive sweating of palms, soles, or armpits.

Frequently Asked Questions about Botox and Disport

Q. Will it make my face feel numb?

Botox will not make your face feel numb. It does not effect your nerves, or your ability to feel.

Q. Will it hurt?

The procedure does involve injections, of course, but generally it's pain-free. If you'd like to be prescribed some local anaesthetic, we can discuss that with you during your initial consultation.

Q. How long will the results be effective for?

A single Botox treatment will last for around three to four months, and perhaps a little longer. Repeated treatments continue to be effective, with some regular patients having used the procedure for several decades with no problems.

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