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Chemical Peel
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One of the Most Relaxing Places to Get a Chemical Peel in London

Even out your skin tone and reduce signs of ageing with a chemical peel in our London beauty salon. This gently applied treatment removes dead skin cells and stimulates the growth of healthy new ones, improving your complexion and exfoliating as it goes. Signs of age like the hardening of skin, lines and wrinkles can all be reduced or removed by a short course of this treatment. While more powerful effects can be found with more deeply penetrating versions.

Your choice of long-lasting effects or milder, regular treatments. A chemical peel can come in various strengths and types. If you choose a medium or deeper type, the effects will last for a greater length of time. When you want to minimise the amount of recovery time, a mild, regularly-applied version is also readily available.

Acne and hyperpigmentation sufferers rejoice. This type of treatment is well-suited to you if you are a sufferer of a condition which has caused a colour change in certain areas of your skin, or if you have serious acne which other treatments have failed to deal with.

The most relaxing atmosphere. No skin care treatment at Luxury Beauty & Spa would be complete without a little bit of relaxation. You will be able to sink into the calm, spa-like environment while an expert beautician guides you through the many benefits of chemical peel treatment.

Why would I choose a chemical face peel in London over the alternatives?

You can choose different levels of penetration when it comes to chemical face peel. The level will affect the depth of skin cells which your peel reaches as well as the amount of time which the effects of the treatment will last for and which it will take your skin to initially recover:
  • Superficial: a revitalising superficial chemical face peel will leave your skin feeling a little tight for a few hours afterwards and removes cells from the topmost layers of skin. You will need to undergo semi-regular treatments in order to maintain the effect.
  • Medium: a medium treatment can last for between six and twelve months but may result in a slight reddening of the skin or mild burning sensation when applied.
  • Deep: the deeper treatment enhances all of the rejuvenating effects but also dramatically increases recovery time. If you want to find out more about this option, please do arrange to speak with one of our experienced beauticians to confirm that it is the right choice for you.
Chemical face peel works by promoting a kind of carefully controlled injury, whereby the new, freshly grown skin cells which your body produces to replace the lost skin cells are fresher and healthier than the old ones.

Find out whether a chemical skin peel is right for you

A chemical skin peel is a type of skin rejuvenating technique which can involve the use of one of several different chemical formulas. There are also several different depths of treatment on the market - the superficial, medium and deep types mentioned above.

Which is best for you will depend on your type of skin and if you have suffered from any skin conditions or injuries recently. You will always be able to meet with one of Luxury Beauty & Spa's experienced beauticians first in order to talk through your personalised treatment. You can do this in person without any cost or commitment, asking questions if you would like to while you are being shown around our spa-like beauty salon.
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