EMSculpt in London – the very latest in non-invasive body sculpting

EMSculpt in London

1 area (30min) £350.00

You might not have the time to hit the gym. You might feel like you never quite achieve that final degree of definition no matter how much hard work you put in. If that sounds like you, talk to Luxury Beauty & Spa about EMSculpt in London. It is the ultimate in non-invasive body sculpting.

Because EMSculpting does burn fat. But it also builds and strengthens muscle. There is more than one reason it has become so popular in Hollywood, with stars like Drew Barrymore among its most high-profile adherents:

The equivalent of months of gym sessions. You could do more than 20 000 sit-ups, bicep curls, or squats. Or you could have a course of EMSculpting. It delivers approximately the same results.

Pain-free with zero recovery time. There is no need for any downtime and there is no EMSculpt cost as far as pain is concerned.

Affects muscles as well as skin and fatty tissue. Other non-surgical skin tightening might affect the skin and tissue layers just beneath it. EMSculpting actually builds muscle as well. the new EmSculpt slim new

Particularly suitable for areas which stubbornly retain fat such as the glutes, most EMSculpt providers recommend the treatment for the abdomen and core muscles as well as the arms and legs. This is all because of EMSculpting's heretofore unknown ability to build muscle mass at the same time as it reduces fat.

Over the course of the standard four weeks of treatment and the two-four following weeks, users see an average of 19% fat reduction. But they also see a huge 16% increase in muscle mass. This increased muscle mass - in addition to the aesthetic benefits - can actually help you with problems such as lower back pain.

Discuss EMSculpt in London, the price, how it works, and how it might fit in with your personal goals and objectives today. Have a chat with one of Luxury Beauty & Spa's highly experienced technicians over a calming cup of tea.

How does EMSculpt treatment work?

EMSculpt treatment typically takes less than half an hour. It is usual to be able to go on with your day immediately after each procedure is completed. The average recovery time or downtime after EMSculpting is effectively zero. It usually takes a course of four sessions to produce the kind of incredible results EMSculpting is known for.

Body contouring treatments like EMSculpt can be used on several key parts of the body. We often recommend it for people who would like to target their:

Core or abdomen
Many men hanker after a six-pack, but are unable to achieve one even after huge amounts of sweat and effort in the gym. Equally, many women crave a flatter, more defined stomach despite the amount of exercise they do. EMSculpting can help both men and women achieve their core goals, offering ab sculpting that's more effective even than some other treatments specifically designed for it.

Arms and legs
EMScuplt has recently been expanded in order to address often sought-after improved muscle mass and fat reduction in the arms and leg areas. This process involves a slightly shorter treatment time and a specially contoured applicator.

Glutes or buttocks
Other non-surgical fat removal procedures often leave results which aren't quite right when it comes to the glutes or buttocks. EMSculpt treatment, on the other hand, also increases muscle mass in the areas it targets. This is exactly what is usually needed in order to deliver the results most people are looking for in this area. For this reason, it is sometimes called a non-surgical "butt lift".
EmSculpt procedure

Are there any side-effects of the EMSculpt procedure?

The EMSculpt procedure is growing in popularity precisely because it offers no downsides or side-effects of any kind. Almost every single person who uses EM Sculpting instantly gets up and goes about their day with no sign or sense that they have done anything out of the ordinary.

The other reason the procedure is fast gaining ground on older methods is because of the incredible muscle mass gain it offers in addition to the fat reduction properties common to other body contouring procedures. Take a look at any EMSculpt before and after photos and understand that the difference with this treatment is more than just skin-deep.

Find out more about EMSculpt results or anything else you want to know about whether this procedure could help you achieve your goals today. Luxury Beauty & Spa's friendly and helpful technicians are always happy to have a commitment-free chat with you.  
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