The Ultimate Guide To Find The Best Day Spa Deals in London

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The Ultimate Guide To Find The Best Day Spa Deals in London

The idea of luxury spas is very appealing as you can spend time revitalising your senses and relaxing as you’re treated like royalty! So how do you go about getting great beauty services at a budget-friendly price? Here’s the ultimate guide to find the best day spa deals in London…

12 Top Tips

  1. Sign up for emails – you’ll get deals for last-minute classes if you’re a regular customer
  2. Deal spa websites – sign up for day spa deals but remember to use your voucher as you won’t get your money back
  3. Join a club – memberships will give you reduced rates for treatments but some of the therapists may be trainees
  4. Ask for group rates – tell the spa if you’re coming for a day spa in London with friends to negotiate a lower rate
  5. Buy a series – treatments that need more than one visit can be much cheaper if you pay upfront
  6. Look for a private practitioner – therapists who work from home usually charge less than a spa, although you may have to sacrifice the luxury amenities!
  7. Spend the day – get there early and use all of the facilities, then relax by the pool until closing
  8. Travel off season – get London deals and discounts with dramatically reduced rates when you choose days between high and low seasons
  9. Get off-peak rates – if you go for early morning hours and days that have a lower demand you’ll get the best spa deals
  10. Choose a massage – get the best value from a therapeutic massage and do without the facial
  11. Bring the spa to you – get a therapist to come to your hotel room instead!
  12. Casino spas are surprisingly cheap – many casino resorts and hotels have very reasonably priced spas! You’ll be able to get a basic manicure and facial for a fraction of the price of a salon spa

Your London Salon

Book a day spa in London with your favourite salon which guarantees specialists are medically certified, facilities are state-of-the-art, and where you’ll receive special gifts and offers alongside free in-depth consultations with a professional. With winter deals and special offers available what more could you ask from a day of pure indulgence?

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