Hydro Massage

Hydro Massage

Hydromassage30 Minutes£30
Hydromassage50 Minutes£50

Warm and Gentle Hydro Massage in London

Similar to a jacuzzi, but with much more power and effectiveness as a treatment for a wide array of medical symptoms, the hydro massage we offer in London is great to relax with. If you have problems with your circulation or muscles, or have simply had a long and stressful week, this gentle massage treatment is a wonderful option.

Whirlpool massage

What is hydro massage?

Also known as "whirlpool massage," hydro massage uses pressurised water jets to create a targeted therapeutic effect on your body. The water itself is heated before it massages your skin, and has a hugely beneficial effect on your circulation, moving blood and lymph around your system.

The water will also rejuvenate your skin, clear pores, and sooth and relieve pain in your joints and muscles.



Whirlpool massage - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it painful?

Though the idea of having pressurised hot water around you might not sound like it, the reality is a soothing and relaxing experience that you can feel gently kneading your muscles as it works. It is not painful in the slightest.

Q. Are there any times when I shouldn't get this treatment?

If you are pregnant or have recently had surgery, this might not be the best time for you to have this treatment. Similarly, if you are a younger or older person, the strength and heat of the massage might be too powerful. We'll be glad to talk you about this during your free consultation.

Q. Are there any medical benefits?

Water-based massage is often recommended as a treatment in cases of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, sleep disorders, stress, depression, asthenia syndrome, venous insufficiency including varicose veins, poor circulation, chronic fatigue syndrome, gastrointestinal diseases, disorders of the peripheral nervous system, dystonia, metabolic disorders such as obesity, and

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Contact us at our London clinic if you'd like to learn a little more about the benefits of water based massage. We're committed to making sure that you always have all the information you need before going ahead with a treatment, so you'll be able to set up a private chat with your personal beautician and tour our facilities before you choose to go ahead. There's no cost or obligation to this. Just the answers to any questions you might have.

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