Permanent Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal continues to be an important part of the beauty industry. Since the mid 90's the hair removal lasers has come a long way and now we can introduce our Diode 808 Laser.

The treatment with this innovative laser technology leads to permanent hair removal after just a few procedures. The treatment is suitable for all pigmented hair and skin types, including fair skin and olive or African-American skin.

How does permanent hair removal work?

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Diode 808 Laser allows safe deep penetration into the skin. The infrared light absorbing the melanin is highly-efficient and reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation.

The laser concentrates a particular ray of light at a wavelength that is targeted at melanin in the hair and/or at the follicle growth core. Melanin is the substance that gives tone to the skin, as well as the hair. The laser light ray reaches the underlayer of the skin and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle.

Hair removal laser treatment - FAQ

permanent hair removalHow many treatments will I need until permanent results?

Usually, the patients need 4 to 6 treatments (one month apart) until they reach the ultimate results. During the treatment, the hair follicles need to be in active stage of growth. This makes necessary several treatments, every few weeks, so the patient can accomplish the desired results.

Q. How to prepare the skin for laser hair removal treatment?

Do not tan before any laser procedure at least two weeks.

Do not wax at least a few weeks before getting laser hair removal. The hair must be present. Shaving is fine until a few days before the procedure is performed.

Do not use lotions or any type of makeup cosmetics prior the treatment.

Q. Is Diode 808 Laser treatment is suitable for permanent facial hair removal?

Yes. The delicate action of Diode 808 Laser allows being used on every part of the body, including the face. Yet, to accomplish permanent facial hair removal at least 4 procedures are needed.

Q. Are the diode 808 laser hair removal treatments painful?

Usually, the patients feel slight discomfort by feeling a warm sting as the laser penetrates the hair follicle. To minify the unpleasant feel, cosmeticians apply cool gel to the skin.

Q. How long should I stay out of the sun after laser hair removal?

The ultimate recommendation is to avoid direct sunlight for six months, otherwise, you risk getting hyper pigmented. A procedure with Diode 808 Laser doesn't require such long time. Yet, use at least SPF 40+ on the treated areas for at least few weeks.

Q. When is laser hair removal more difficult?

Hormonal abnormalities, blonde or white hair, more than a month between the treatments, additional tanning procedures - all of these can affect the results.

Q. Are there any risks or side effects?

The most common side effect is a temporary swelling of the skin, especially on the face. Feeling burning sensation during the procedure is uncommon, but some patients can experience it for one-two hours. Also, extremely rare side effects are scarring, fragile skin and bruising.

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