Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure Services in London

Manicure and Pedicure in London

Having beautiful hands and nails is the perfect addition to your outfit and we know the best way to achieve it. Enjoy a manicure at Luxury Beauty and Spa made with highly-quality brands for healthy and strong nails and a shiny finish. Our expert nail technicians will polish your nails to perfection and paint them with bright, vibrant and long-lasting colors. With a mirror shine and instant drying, our nail treatments will pamper your nails as they deserved. At our Archway beauty salon hygiene and quality matter so we always work with clean instruments and equipment. Book your appointment now using our simple online booking system.

pedicure in london

Professional Pedicure Services in London

What to expect from the pedicure in Luxury Beauty and Spa? During the treatment your feet skin will we soften, your cuticles will be effectively and professionally removed, your toes will be filled, shaped, trimmed (if necessary) and buffed. After that a long-lasting color will be applied for a perfect finish. The result? Healthy and beautiful pedicured toes and feet!


            • Manicure ‎£30.00
            • Pedicure ‎£35.00


              • Manicure ‎£35.00
              • Pedicure ‎£40.00 

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