Mesotheraphy From £110

Mesotherapy in London to Reduce Natural Skin Ageing

Exult in the latest treatment for the sign of ageing: wrinkles, blurred features, and dryness of skin. Get mesotherapy in London in our clinical salon and enjoy a fresh and healthy new you.

What happens during mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy takes the form of a series of micro-injections of nutrients, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid - a natural part of your skin's make-up. The treatment amplifies the metabolic processes in the skin, leading to the growth of collagen fibres, and a natural tightening and moisturising effect. It can combat:

  • Signs of ageing
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Spidering veins, xanthomas (cholesterol concentrations), and stretch marks
  • Skin problems and diseases, such as acne


Mesotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it painful?

The treatment does involve injections, so there is some very mild discomfort. If you'd like a brief local anaesthetic during your treatment, you can chat to us about this during your free consultation.

Q. Why would I use mesotherapy instead of liposuction?

Unlike liposuction, mesotherapy interacts with cellulite directly, meaning it can have an immediate impact on fat deposits, and lead to smoother skin in the treated areas. Mesotherapy can also treat fat deposits anywhere on the body.

Q. Will I need to book time off work?

In some cases people have reported some temporary soreness, but this doesn't last for longer than 48 hours at the outside - and is not present in all cases. Whether you'd prefer to take a day off work is entirely up to you!

Talk to a professional at Luxury Beauty

Most people arrive at our London clinic with plenty of questions about getting mesotherapy. In order that we can answer your queries, you'll always get a free, no-obligation consultation before your first session. You can get any further information you need here, and tour our facilities with one of our friendly and experienced beauticians. Contact us to arrange this meeting at your convenience.

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