No Needle Mesotherapy Machine London

No-needle mesotherapy
No-Needle Mesotherapy treatment1 Hour£80.00

What is No Needle Mesotherapy Machine?

No-needle mesotherapy replaced the traditional mesotherapy. It aims to deliver the same results but without pain or discomfort. No needle mesotherapy machine uses Electroporation techniques to let specific ingredients to get into the cellular skin. Electroporation is generated by using an ultrasound and low-frequency current. Ultrasound acts as a transportation mechanism for the active ingredients, launching the product through the dermal skin layers without the use of a needle.

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No-needle mesotherapy machine functions:

  • stimulates the generation of blood vessels, blood circulation to help taking protein metabolism wastes, sugar and fat;
  • helps with slimming, skin revitalisation, and cellulite;
  • removes the dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes;
  • freckle removal, skin whitening and wrinkle removal;
  • takes away the molecular structure of skin cells;
  • clean the skin and stimulate microcirculation to decrease water retention, improve cell nourishment and detoxification;
  • ice therapy effect on the skin, which locks moisture and nutrients.
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