Plasma shower treatment London

Plasma shower treatment London
Plasma Shower Facial Treatment (1h) £120.00
Plasma Shower Facial Treatment (30min) £65.00
NOW on Offer: Plasma Shower Facial Treatment £175.00

What is Plasma and What is Used For ?

There are four states of matter - solid, liquid, gas and the fourth one is plasma. The plasma consists of ions and electrons. The plasma instrument releases electric energy. It uses plasma conduction technology to open the molecular principle of skin mucosa, induce and change the position of ions to let them pass freely through the thin film. When the cell voltage increases, it can help cells produce tension, correct the dislocation of cationic ions on the inner and outer sides of the cell membrane. The membrane potential returns to the equilibrium state, the cell returns to the normal operation, regenerate the skin, and enhance the resistance of the skin tissue.

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In dermatology, new horizons are being opened for wound healing, tissue regeneration, therapy of skin infections, and probably many more diseases

Priciple of Plasma:
  • Producing nitrogen ions by high voltage by applying high frequency to the atmosphere.
  • Delivering stable plasma to the tip of the probe.
  • Stabilize internal and skin treatment mechanisms through stimulation and biochemical
  • processes
The Space Plasma Instrument London

How Plasma Shower Instrument works ?

To generate plasma, Plasma Shower Instrument uses a specific frequency of energy. Its nature is active and rapidly combines with the bacteria on the surface of the human body, thus destroying the bacterial structure and playing an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal role.

Hot and Cold Probe
Alternating hot and cold will tighten your skin. Increasing deep absorption of the skin by alternating heat and cold:

Principle 1 - Heat
  • Helps pores to expand
  • Promote skin metabolism
  • Strengthen absorption
  • Dredge lymphatic blockage

Principle 2 - Polar Cold
  • Quickly tighten pores
  • Strengthen skin elasticity
  • Promote skin absorption
  • Help to edema and rejuvenation
Plasma Treatment For Face London
1. The TDDS Plasma Transfer Technology quickly opens the adhesion molecules (CAMs) that bind cells, producing incredible absorption, which is instantly absorbed by the skin in just 30 seconds.

2. Plasma energy has a strong disinfection ability, which can effectively eliminate bacteria by destroying the molecular structure of bacteria and avoid causing various skin problems

3. Plasma energy makes atrophy of aging cells and recombines by dispersing, while inhibiting melanin precipitation, making skin bright, white and flawless.

4. Plasma energy exerts high-energy heat and pressure during transport, forms hydrogen on the surface of the skin, and rapidly produces F-DBD fine plasma groups between skin cells, reproduces the cell membrane voltage, balances all ions in the skin structure, and It auto-regenerates collagen, which makes the unhealthy structure that has been damaged and affected by pigments produce high-efficiency self-healing effect, while stimulates the production of collagen fibroblasts .

Fields Of Application of Plasma Shower Instrument ?

It effectively improves the skin surface tissue, does not destroy the cells in the treatment of acne and scars, with the effects of skin rejuvenation, sterilization, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, whitening, improving sagging skin. It delivers plasma energy on the tissues, generated by the ionization of the gas in the air. This is a class IIb medical device for non-invasive microsurgery. It can be used for :

  • Brightening skin complexion, enhancing dark yellow skin and removing pigmentation.
  • Brightening skin with Plasma Shower London
  • Effectively improving the symptoms of facial redness and swelling, timely shrinking the pores to help the face tighten and lifting
  • The Plasma Shower Instrument for Facial Redness and Swelling London
  • Antibacterial, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, improve enlarged pores, fat keratosis, inflammatory acne
  • Regenerate Skin With Plasma Shower Instrument London
  • Remodelling the collagen can regenerate skin and improve loose and sagging skin
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