Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal
Tattoo Removal From £70
Vascular'Pigmentation From £150
Scarring From £150
Facial/Leg Veins From £150
Acne From £75

Pain-Free and Complete Tattoo Removal in London

This is the safe and easy way to eliminate body art that you'd rather forget you got. The tattoo removal we offer in London uses a specialist laser to gradually discolour and then completely remove any kind of tattooed image - permanently.

Laser Tattoo RemovalHow does laser tattoo removal work?

A specially trained expert will remove all traces of your tattoo using a CO2 laser. The laser irradiates the tattoo pigments, heating them, and forcing them to disintegrate. This will result in continual gentle discolouration. With continued treatment, the tattoo will become more and more faded, until the final remains are removed by your lymphatic system.

We guarantee complete removal of your tattoo using this tried and tested process. There will be no staining or traces of ink left behind, nor will there be any scarring of the dermis. You'll be left with only an area of clean, healthy skin.

Tattoo removal Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does it hurt?

Not at all. At most you will feel a slight warming sensation as the laser is passed back and forth over your tattoo.

Q. Will it damage my skin?

Again, no. We've specially chosen the most effective modern laser tattoo removal system for this express purpose. There may be some short-lived redness in the area that you have treated, but this will quickly fade.

Q. Will I need time off work?

As there is no pain or downtime involved in the procedure, it's not necessary to have any time off work to get it done.

Talk to a Luxury Beauty expert about your treatment

If you've got any questions about getting laser tattoo removal in London, simply contact us. Our information-based approach to skin and body treatments means yours will always begin with a personal interview to let you air any questions that you might have. There's no cost or obligation to coming in for a professional consultation - just a short chat where we can tell you anything you'd like to know about the procedure, and let you tour our facilities in person.

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